Is Biden Stopping Xi Jinping Backing Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine?

Is Biden Stopping Xi Jinping Backing Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine?

I think many people in the West underestimate the growing dictatorial neo-fascist nature of the Putin and Xi Jinping regimes.

I think many in the West are having the same unfounded optimism (or “it is someone else’s war” cynicism) about the Ukrainian resistance to the Putin’s dictatorship imminent invasion, that they had to the Syrian opposition to the Assad dictatorship.

Currently optimism rests on two assumptions:

  1. Russians do not want to kill their brothers in Ukraine.
  2. China will not support the Putin regime to bust Western sanctions after the invasion, so Putin’s regime will collapse economically.


  1. In the context of brutal dictatorships, the interests of the regimes become separate from the interests of the people of the countries.This is what dictatorship means.
  2. Xi knows there is growing push back from the West against Chinese technology theft and unfair trading practices. His regime increasingly insists on top down dictatorial control of China to ensure the regime elite’s status which stifles innovative economic growth. Xi Jinping’s answer is to export autocracy abroad (see Belt and Road Initiative and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), to effectively remake the world to be like the autocratic regimes of China and Russia. This requires the support of foreign regimes that supply the military brutality, while China provides the money.

A good example of Chinese Russian cooperation is Myanmar. China is financing the junta and helping with sanctions busting, while Russia supplies the arms, training and “security” advisers. It is a classic two hander game, China does the economic part and Russia, North Korea et al do the murder.

Biden and other western leaders know this, and so far no one is challenging them about it. There should be journalists and activists bombarding Biden with questions about how he is going to impose sanctions on those countries, principally China, who will be helping Russia dodge the great wave of sanctions promised by Biden as a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine.

No one is doing this. No one even seems to want to find out or think about this problem. When dealing with brutal dictatorships like those of Putin and Xi Jinping we always need to look at the worst that can happen.

Anyway more info: Jurgen Kremp on Xi Jinping and neo-fascism and Prof Timothy Synder on Putin and neo-fascism more resources or just these resources made accessible at

[Posted by Lara Keller on 21/2/2022]


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