To Save Ukraine Stop Xi Jinping Undermining Sanctions On The Putin Regime.


To Save Ukraine Stop Xi Jinping Undermining Sanctions On The Putin Regime.

China after Deng opened its economy to the world. Xi Jinping has radically changed the Chinese regime to a repressive authoritarian nationalistic militaristic corporate capitalism, usually just called fascism. Two sinologists have described this process. One the academic Jean-Philippe Béja in 2019, there is only one English translation I am aware of More recently in 2021 Jurgen Kremb described the fascist nature of the Xi Jinping regime

Beja is particularly interesting because he describes the internal dynamics of the regime that propelled Xi’s rise. Basically Chinese economy exploded after Deng’s economic reforms, but the Chinese Communist Party elite saw the accompanying freedoms of expression threatening their power and newly enlarged access to wealth. Xi promised to fix this danger to the elite – because Deng had not reformed political power structures only the economic ones – they were still able to empower Xi, and hand him the tools to create an autocracy. Big mistake for them and the Chinese people.

So now we know Putin is a fascist who also wants a full autocracy in Russia after his recent speech denying the sovereignty of Ukraine (for background about his beliefs see Many people have warned about this for years and have been accused of exaggeration.

Putin and Xi regimes form an axis of fascist autocracy promotion-preservation and have strong mutual interests to act as a corporate “agglomeration” as Anne Applebaum phrases it ( Yes Xi is concerned about losing access to Western markets, but also he knows there is growing resistance to China’s aggressive economic actions, such as technology theft

So to save Ukraine and halt the Xi-Putin axis, West needs to apply sanctions to China as well as Russia, if Putin invades Ukraine entirely as he currently promises and if China enables the Russian economy to survive comprehensive Western sanctions that should follow Putin’s invasion.

It will be painful and dangerous but like climate change the warnings have been there for years and the points of low cost change have all been missed. The cost and danger can only escalate. Sorry about the long reply. People interested in the survival of Ukraine need to appreciate the few foreign policy experts who are questioning the essential China-Ukraine linkage.

Lastly in October 2022 Xi is due to be given his third and decisive term as general secretary. By that time it must be clear that the Xi-Putin axis is a cul-de-sac.

[Posted by Lara Keller 22/2/2022]


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