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[Articles organised by subject area, then sub section, then order published here with latest first.]
[*] = Means updated or published in the last month.

Reflections On Politics

[*] Notes On Nationalism By George Orwell (With Explanatory Notes).

Declining Democracies Without Purpose.

[*] Is the European Energy Crisis manageable?

Why is it so difficult for Germany to speak of a fascist Russia?

Regime preservation: How US policy facilitated Assad’s victory. By Michael Karadjis.

Xi Jinping’s China the New Fascist Superpower.

Xi Jinping’s Climate Pledges Are Deeply Suspect.

National Socialism “Made in Xi-Na”. With his neo-fascist cult of leadership, the party leader is destroying all the achievements of his predecessors – The Rickshaw Reporter.

China of Xi Jinping: Towards Chinese Fascism? by Jean-Philippe Béja.

Putin’s Russia the New Fascist Superpower.

Ivan Ilyin, Putin’s Philosopher of Russian Fascism By Prof Timothy Synder.

Putin’s Genocdial Invasion of Ukraine 2022.

Why The Path Of Least Risk Is To Maximize Arming Of Ukraine.

Why Putin Will Not Make Peace Over His War On Ukraine.

What if Russia wins in Ukraine? 2020, By Hans Petter Midttun.

Stop Putin Before It Spreads.

Why stopping Putin in Ukraine is the path of least risk.

Why Putin Will Invade Ukraine.

Ukraine and The Xi-Putin Axis.

Ukraine Will Expose The Fascist Putin-Xi Axis.

Is Biden Stopping Xi Jinping Backing Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine?

To Save Ukraine Stop Xi Jinping Undermining Sanctions On The Putin Regime.