Why Xi Jinping’s Regime Is A Global Threat

Why Xi Jinping’s Regime Is A Global Threat.

Three essays on why Xi Jinping’s regime in China can be labeled as neo-totalitarian and nationalist-fascist (as opposed to racist-fascist). Given the huge resources both economic and military that Xi Jinping literally commands, the danger that Xi will repeat the pattern of the totalitarians of the 1930s (ie Hitler and Stalin) is real. Xi has the ability to do as Hitler and Stalin attempted to do, which is to make reality correspond to ideology. The danger of a fascist regime with weapons of mass destruction, was not achieved in the 1940s, but is real today however unbelievable this seems. Nearly all progressives refuse to look, and prefer to misunderstand the problem as a Western hard right delusion. Here is a chance to read an academic rather than polemical case. These essays are intended to be seen as a group:
1. China of Xi Jinping: Towards Chinese Fascism? by Jean-Philippe Béja. (2019):
2. Summary: The fantasy of the One Why China is totalitarian. (2022):
3. Summary: Fascism with Chinese Characteristics: Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Vision And US-China Relations Today. (2022):

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